The most comprehensive framework for leadership development in kids.

Guaranteed to result in a life lived with purpose.


The ACCESS framework has six units that work together to build the next generation of leaders. 

The ACCESS™ framework is a leadership development system that was designed to teach young leaders to: 

Challenge the limitations in their thinking and actions. To find the opportunity in being adaptable.
  Master the art and science of speaking and listening in everyday communication and conflict.
 Discover what holds them back from being their most confident self and bridge those gaps.
Build goals and roadmaps, prioritize time, delegate and execute with diligence. 
Purposefully explore, understand & love their inner self first, to create sustainable happiness and fulfillment.
Develop the skills to provide service leadership to build leaders around them and increase their impact in the world. 



Mastery of leadership starts with making a decision; the decision to begin the journey to become the best possible version of yourself. 

Our ACCESS™ framework contains all of the leadership fundamentals that kids need to begin their own journey: from confidence building, to communication, to prioritization training and so much more.

Every child is unique and every child’s leadership journey is their own. The ACCESS™ framework is a package of courses and modules that are offered a-la-carte because we want you to be able to pick and choose the areas that require further development. Our courses were designed to deliver what your child needs, when they need it most.

The biggest gifts we can give our young leaders is the continuous mindset to learn and the opportunity to deliberately live their leadership journey. 

The responsibility to raise them right is one that we carry with great pride.

Flexibility is quick adaptation in different & difficult situations. 

Outcomes include: 

(1) Reflective

(2) Self-Aware

(3) Resilient

Communication is connection. It is the keystone of community.

Outcomes include: 

(1) Honest

(2) Accountable

(3) Positive


Carry your confidence with you for lasting effects in your lifetime.

Outcomes include:

(1) Calm

(2) Humble

(3) Confident

Execution is doing the work that is required to move forward. 

Outcomes include: 

(1) Resilient

(2) Strategic

(3) Deliberate

Your inner Self is the most principled person that is poised to serve. 

Outcomes include:

(1) Focused

(2) Curious

(3) Vulnerable

Service leadership breeds the positivity & connection we need to change the world.

Outcomes include: 

(1) Mindful

(2) Giving

(3) Fulfilled

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