"The art of communication is the language of leadership."
James Hunt
"Your success in life will be determined largely by your ability to speak, your ability to write, and the quality of your ideas, in that order."
Patrick Winston 
"When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful."
Malala Yousafzai
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✓ 2 courses

✓ 12 modules

✓ 72+ lessons

✓ Over 3 hours of course content

✓ 120+ thought provoking questions through ACCESS™ Academy

✓ Exclusive access to Leaders Tribe

✓ ...coming soon in 2023!

Check out what previous students have said about the impact of studying communication with us 

"Your patience, creativity and communication skills are pivotal to your capacity to teach strategies, but in a way that translates to diverse communication styles. This further fosters self-sufficiency in your mentees as they also learn how to apply strategies and analyze situations/projects to better approach them independently in future."

Brittany Hall

"I was having trouble navigating a relationship and confided in you. My takeaway from a coaching standpoint was to be confident in myself and my value. Do not be afraid to speak up for what is right, and know that your skills and worth is valuable. From that point onward I feel like I've had a better sense of how to build all of my relationships."

Theresa Halili

"What I learned most from you is keeping top of mind the importance of effective communication and that has directly helped me grow my leadership skills set to this day. I have learned to stay grounded and collected through tough situations, which helped me be a better communicator overall."

Spencer Malcovich

"You've influenced how I look at the world I think. I try to be as curious as possible and approach situations with conviction and convey passion similar to what I experienced with you. You showed me how to be genuinely curious about little things. I feel I can have a conversation with anyone, about anything if I exercise that curiosity. Also your fearless, risk taking, entrepreneurial attitude is very inspiring."

Ray Cronin

What's Inside the Communication Unit?

Course #1: Build Your Speaking Toolkit 

By the end of this course, your child will:

✓ Become aware of their body language and the placement of their feet, hands, eyes and backs

Study the dimensions of their voice to better understand tone, intonation and speed of speech

Identify the fillers that they use (eg: like, um, uh) and learn how to speak without reliance on them


6 modules

36+ lessons

Over 4 hours of content

 60+ thought provoking questions through ACCESS™ Academy

 Exclusive access to Leaders Tribe

Course #2: Unmask Your Ears


By the end of this course, your child will:

Learn the framework to build trust while listening intentionally to others

Study the three techniques of getting others to talk more

Become aware of the body language that supports deep listening. 


6 modules

36+ lessons

Over 4 hours of content

 60+ thought provoking questions through ACCESS™ Academy

 Exclusive access to Leaders Tribe


"Everything from my mindset, perseverance, and assertiveness were enhanced from your leadership. Working with you grew my confidence and eliminated a lot of self doubt I had."

Brittany Hall

"Working with you pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have gained so much confidence because of you."

Samantha Kan

"You were one of the first people to help me realize what my strengths are, which helped me seek out opportunities that were aligned with my goals. Without that opportunity, I wouldn’t have had the chance to develop all of the skills I had."

Pam Vrabel

"You helped my confidence, my imposter syndrome. You also showed me a great example of a strong female in a leadership position that is typically held by men. This has taught me about the potential there is in leaders and I will take it with me throughout my life."

Melissa Raso

"When working with you, someone I consider to have loads of integrity, you celebrated my uniqueness, and did not try to conform me into a standard, robotic person. Rather, you allowed my individuality to shine, and worked with my personality type to define what success looked like to ME."

Catherine Perna

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What Else is Inside?

The Communication unit contains 2 courses. Each course has 4-6 modules and each module is broken down into bite sized lessons that are easily digestible and dare we say... incredibly fun! ✨

✓ All courses and modules are available on demand

✓ Pick and choose the courses, modules and lessons that you feel are necessary

✓ Work collaboratively with your new community in our Leaders Tribe

✓ Connect and make new friendships with likeminded people through the Leaders Tribe

✓ Lifetime access to the 2 courses in the Communication unit

✓ Pre-recorded high quality video lessons taught by us

✓ Listen to the courses on the go or in a dedicated classroom setting

✓ Work through ACCESS Academy at your own pace

"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."
African Proverb
"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much."
Helen Keller

How Does it All Work? 

ACCESS Academy is not built out in full yet but it's coming soon, in June 2023! Normally we charge $1,995 for entrance into the Academy but we are slashing our prices for our first 99 customers. If your child wants to begin the journey to become the best possible version of themselves, you can purchase today for only $99!

Get exclusive access to behind the scenes content of our development process (videos, interviews etc.)
The first 99 customers to purchase will receive a 95% discount on this unit for supporting us before development is complete
100% refund if ACCESS Academy is not released in full by June 2023

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