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ACCESS Academy for Kids

Does your child want to be the best possible version of themselves? If so, this unit is for them.

By the end of this unit, you child will:

  • Learn the PMB system to compose deliberate responses when emotionally triggered.
  • Study the LIPR method to understand that everyone’s views and preferences are different from their own. 
  • Study the dimensions of their voice to better understand tone, intonation and speed of speech.
  • Learn the framework to build trust while listening intentionally to others.
  • Self-identify external inputs that lead to short-term confidence.
  • Discover that everyone has an internal voice of judgement and understand where it comes from. 
  • Participate in poor goal design and become aware of the flaws in goals that are not set correctly. 
  • Learn about lead measures for progress, which are the things that are 100% in your control and directly impact momentum towards your goal. 
  • Learn the 3x3 Box method to mentally and visually break down all the things that bring us joy. 
  • Review the Balance Beam and all the components of it: health, friends, family, school, fun & rec, growth etc.
  • Reflect on the magic that is unveiled when there is kindness that we create. 
  • Study the essential formula to reframe a negative event into a positive experience. 
  • ... and so much more!

ACCESS Academy includes the following 12 courses: 

  1.  Fake Vs. Real Confidence
  2. Master Bravery
  3. Navigate Difficult Emotions
  4. Expand Your Perspective
  5. Ready, Set, Goals
  6. Get it Done
  7. Uncover Your Gratitude
  8. Your Happiness Potential
  9. Build Your Speaking Toolkit
  10. Unmask Your Ears
  11. Choose to Give
  12. Unleash Your Positive POV 
*This unit is currently in development and all courses & modules will be available by June 2023. Note that if all 12 courses above are not released by June 2023, you will receive a full refund. 

What People Are Saying:

You were one of the first people to help me realize what my strengths are, which helped me seek out opportunities that were aligned with my goals. Without that opportunity, I wouldn’t have had the chance to develop all of the skills I had.

Pamela Vrabel

You helped me strengthen my confidence and not take things personally - that’s life! I now know how to take feedback, keep an open mind and trust the process. I have more faith in myself.

Michelle Won

You taught me skills I didn’t know I had. I built confidence while growing and making mistakes.

Jaizel Delos Santos

When working with you, someone I consider to have loads of integrity, you celebrated my uniqueness, and did not try to conform me into a standard, robotic person. Rather, you allowed my individuality to shine, and worked with my personality type to define what success looked like to ME.

Catherine Perna

Not only did working with you help me open the doors to a new and exciting career path but it helped me grow and better understand what I was capable of doing while not being afraid to fail and try again.

Ria Reive