Our vision is to empower every child in their own leadership journey.

From a young age, kids are taught that leaders are external to themselves: their teachers, their older siblings, parents, etc. This narrative builds as they grow and is reinforced constantly by the world around them. As a kid, leadership is a foreign concept only applicable to the loudest one in the playground, the most extroverted athlete, or the smartest person in the room. It's time to call out the problem: all of that is wrong.

At Our Turn, everyone is a leader.

We inspire kids to find their voice, build incredible confidence, execute with precision, adapt to the unknown and strengthen their hearts, minds and souls.

We are on a mission to create leaders all around us. Join us.

 Our Team

Shar, Co-Founder

With 15 years of experience helping to grow various businesses & leading teams as a senior executive, Shar has pivoted to pursue two of her lifelong dreams:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Spending 100% of her time creating leaders

Shar firmly believes that everyone has the potential be a leader (with or without the title). She is an eternal optimist who thrives on building leaders through: coaching, mentoring, inspiring, teaching and giving people the chance to learn, grow and develop into the best versions of themselves. Additionally, as a new parent, the opportunity to create products to empower children in their own leadership journey is something that is both close to her heart and incredibly exciting. 

If she could give you some nuggets of wisdom, she would say:

“Obsess over what you can control and stop falling in love with the outcome. Fall in love with the process instead!”

“Winning together is what dreams are made of. We will go SO much further together than we could ever go alone.” 

Alex, Co-Founder

With 10 years of experience leading teams & time spent volunteering in the early childhood education community, Alex is ecstatic to be contributing to the growth and development of our young, future leaders.  

Alex is a natural observer (very much an introvert), a recovering perfectionist and a helper at heart. She loves helping others in their journey to discover themselves and seeing them grow to their full potential, all while supporting them through the highs and lows along the way. Previously terrified of failure, she now believes that failure is a gift from the universe that teaches you the power of persistence, hard work, mental strength and that there really is no such thing as “perfect”.  

If she could share a nugget of wisdom with you, she would share a quote by Susan Cain (Author of Quiet):

“Everyone shines, given the right lighting.”  

Our Beliefs

Kindness to ourselves, others & our community, always comes first.
Good is all around us, sometimes we just have to look closely to find it. 
Anyone can do anything if they have passion and persistence.
A little bit of courage is enough to make the leap into the unknown. 
Love yourself first, love others always and love this gift called life.

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