The only platform you need to build the

 leader within.


+ Exceptional teachers 
+ Proven frameworks  
+ Like-minded community

Guaranteed to result in a life lived with purpose.
Ages 10+

Develop the leader within for when they need it most. Watch them: 

Discover their way. 

Show up comfortable in their own skin. 

Love who they are.

Hold their own ground, confident in their own true best self. 

Be proud of who they are becoming.

Be kind, understanding & inclusive of others.

Feel empowered, purposeful and fulfilled.

Watch them become the people they were always meant to be.

"Great leaders view their roles as an act of service, not an avenue for authority and attention."

Adam Grant
"School was invented by the industrialists. The point is to make people compliant; we don't educate people. We don't teach them to solve interesting problems. We don't teach them to lead."

Seth Godin

Everyone is a leader in their own right.

Whether your goal is to be a programmer, pundit, pilot or president, the skills to manage and develop yourself are those that will last a lifetime.

If kids can learn to lead themselves and do the things that bring out the best in themselves, then they are well positioned to lead others to accomplish the same things.


Our goal is to tap into the mind of the child by: 

(1) Meeting them where they are in their growth & 
(2) Supporting them in their journey to reach their full potential.

Why invest in leadership development?

The ACCESS framework makes it easy for you to:

Move faster
Build resilience
Stay focused
Create results


framework has six units that work together to build the next generation of leaders.

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Leadership is one of those things that you know what it means, but you don't actually know what it really feels like until your thrown in front of the right leader. The mindset that you have taught me has really empowered my new team to excel and push ahead to be the best versions of themselves.


Russell Handelman
I've always known myself to be a leader having been identified as such from my early years from others...but your presence at that point in my life has propelled me to the next phase of my leadership journey where I have become: more confident; more outspoken; more pragmatic in my thinking; firmer in my convictions; unafraid to ask for help more often etc - the intangibles that make up my persona.
Shannon Adams
The most memorable challenge I solved in our time together was how to overcome self-limiting beliefs and that it is possible to learn anything. Your positivity and "get things done" attitude are elements I emulate in my own life. You are incredibly motivating.
Applonia Cornolius
YES, you've taught me how to be a better person, how to manage my emotions, and what good leadership looks like. The impact that you had on me remains to this day, and as I have grown I always use you as an example of what good looks like.
Catherine Perna
Working with you pushed me out of my comfort zone. It was here that I had to build my growth mindset and learned to celebrate all my wins, no matter how big or small. I have gained so much confidence because of you.
Samantha Kan
You helped my confidence, my imposter syndrome. You also showed me a great example of a strong female in a leadership position that is typically held by men. This has taught me about the potential there is in leaders and I will take it with me throughout my life.
Melissa Raso
I’ve learned to find my voice, confidence, enforce important boundaries, and use creativity to solve problems. Without leaders like yourself, I don’t know if I ever would have taken that big, first step into the unknowns of my career.
Pam Vrabel
Everything from my mindset, my perseverance, and most of all my assertiveness were enhanced from your leadership. Working with you grew my confidence and eliminated a lot of self doubt I had, altogether improving how I approach all facets of my life.
Brittany Hall
You are the kind of leader that makes people want to work with you. You always encouraged me to think through my problems with a focus on solutions instead of just providing the answers right away. That helped me get more creative and resourceful on my own.
Samantha Kan
When working with you, someone I consider to have loads of integrity, you celebrated my uniqueness, and did not try to conform me into a standard, robotic person. Rather, you allowed my individuality to shine, and worked with my personality type to define what success looked like to ME.
Catherine Perna
You helped me strengthen my confidence and not take things personally - that’s life! I now know how to take feedback, keep an open mind and trust the process. I have more faith in myself.
Michelle Won
The biggest challenge you helped me overcome is the difference between assertive and aggressive. You really helped me change my timidness to confident assertiveness. I feel I bring this communication style to my personal life daily, making me a clearer and more transparent communicator. I regularly find that being assertive makes others feel even more respected and heard, while enhancing the respect I have for myself to share information and ask needed questions.
Brittany Hall

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